Madoka Magica 8

I love this fanart so much. Whoever made it is amazing, absolutely amazing. I realized that this show is heavy, heavy storyline and pretty much discussing anything about it will ruin it for anyone that has not watched the episode already. I feel this is an amazing series to watch, so I won't ruin anything and leave pretty much the entire post in a spoiler button. A non-spoiler comment is that there are many revelations this episode. We see a different side to pretty much every charater this episode, with huge advances in the plot. Although, to be fair, every episode after the first two have been advancing the plot fast...

I can't say that I didn't see this coming. 3/3 theories were pretty much confirmed this episode. I'm not sure if the subbers were clear about the last line of the episode.
The episode ends with Kyubey noting "since this country calls women who is still growing up a shoujo(少女 girl?), for girls who on the way of becoming majo (魔女 witch?), it's logical to call them a mahou shoujo (魔法少女 magical girl?)."
I think that is much clearer. This confirms Kyubey is evil and that makes sense, since Homura calls him "Incubator". An incubator is used to grow things faster and he's incubating witches, so it's a very suitable name.

Poor Sayaka, though; watching her crumble is difficult. I'm pretty sure at this point that the witch in Episode 1 was her. There's no sign of Kyouko in that episode, so I can only assume that Sayaka kills her. At least she got the one thing she was after. All I can say is that she was warned. Mami told her that wishing for others might not turn out well. You've got to know exactly what you want, which adds to why I liked that scene so much (with Mami being my favorite character for it).

It was also confirmed that Homura is probably a time traveller. The Archer Theory was farfetched, but there were too many signs pointing to her coming from another time. My theory is that she came from a time where Madoka became a magic girl and was teamed with her. Something big happened, and she went back in time to try to stop it, which leads us to now.

Nothing is for certain, but many theories have been confirmed. We still have to see how this climax winds up, but I do enjoy this series quite a bit at the moment.

I'll do Infinite Stratos and Merry tommorow; actually still downloading Merry episode.