Finally Saw What the Hype is About

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
So, a few weeks back, I dropped Madoka, due to it being a bit too boring. I mainly decided to pick up this series once again after seeing a lot of amazing fanart for it. As I watched it, I learned that the exact moment I dropped it was also when everything turned amazing. It was good enough that I've included the English Wiki link on the side of the site, for at least while I find this anime awesome. There's also tons of stuff I can't read/catch while watching, for which I need to refer to that page in order to understand.

I guess the thing that really drew me into this anime was this scene:

This occurs exactly 5min30sec into the third episode. This was enough to get me hooked on the anime and also begin loving Mami. Now, this is a big reason why I started to like the anime. The first two episodes created a very generic start for a Mahou Shoujo anime, but from episode 3 onwards things turn "grim". You see a darker side to such a flashy life. It has a more "realistic" feel to it, since it's not just all fun and games while running around killing witches. On that Wiki, there's also a ton of spoilers and theories.

Remember that this anime is an original airing of this series, so there is no info on it and everyone has their own speculations and theories regarding what is going to happen. I highly recommended that you watch the anime before you browse too deep into the Wiki, as they have a lot of spoilers everywhere. They also translate all the weird text in every episode, so you can watch one episode and look back at the episode guide to look back at what it said.

Episode Spoiler:
That same scene was when the idea first came to me that Mami might be in trouble. It didn't help that lurking on 4chan clued me in to the fact that something might happen; there's just too many Madoka threads to avoid. The second that Mami was overjoyed about Madoka saying she would be there for her was when I knew it was over. Her heart was satisfied and everything was clearly too good to be true. This happens in every anime with a character that seems too good to be true before the final episode.

Theory Spoiler:
Correlates to this theory. I think this is-spot on and I would be kind of disappointed if it were not true. I mean, it is hard to refute it when this anime is based hugely on Goethe's Faust. Every sign points directly to this theory. Also, it hugely explains why Kyubey pushes so hard for Madoka to become a magical girl. Mainly because of Goethe's Faust, it pretty much guarantees that he is evil.

This one is about the dream sequence at the start. Mainly due to the latest episode, where we clearly see Sayaka moving closer to the bad side. I guess I just have a thing for watching the fall from grace. I'm not 100% certain that this will happen, but it is something that I secretly hope will happen. It's a decently convincing argument, but still hard to say if it will really happen.

The third theory that drew my attention was the Archer Theory. I liked the naming of this theory, mainly. It was named after another anime, but it's ironic that the concept art of Madoka and Homura both had them using bows as weapons. I just found that interesting although I highly doubt the theory. It's also kind of supported by when Kyubey says that Sayaka has super-fast healing because of her wish. So, the fact that Homura can almost teleport while moving could insinuate that she might have wished for something regarding time travel.

Japanese fans noticed that the font of the kanji "魔法" (mahou, magic) in the show's logo text is heavily stylized, and could be read instead as "廃怯" (hai-kyou, cowardice, hesitation).

The visually valid joke title, "廃怯少女 まどか☆マギカ" (Hai-Kyou Shoujo Madoka Magika), could be translated as "wavering girl Madoka Magica"
Since this isn't much of a spoiler, I'll include it here. It could also could explain why, in the dream sequence, she still isn't a magic girl yet.

There is a chance that I will add this to my weekly blogging. It depends on how the episode this week turns out. I gotta say, though, that story-wise, this is amazing. It is shaping up to be one of my favourite anime of all-time, depending on how it ends. It is living up to all the hype and hysteria surrounding it. I mean, it already has a spin-off manga series out; how big do you have to be to get that? I really hope that this lives up to my expectations.