Infinite Harem 8

It's a day later than intended, but owelz. I've been busy playing on my NDS, something that I will post about later when I beat the game.

Infinite Stratos 8
Charles is way too good with her IS, with the weapon-swapping to a dagger to parry and then gunning Houki. That's way too good.

I realized that they always display three groupies every time they need to depict the "average" student body, but the three girls change almost every time. There's no Pika-tan to be seen this episode! I guess all the groupies get equal screen time and she got too much until now.

Charles and her jokes... Thinking of the five girls, she is clearly my favourite.

Houki asserts her dominance over Ichika with force.

...and then that's followed with Laura doing the same. As with every anime, halfway through we get the beach swimsuit episode. Infinite Stratos was just a couple episodes later than everyone else.

So, about Yumekui Merry: I had the video open looking for screencaps when I decided not to post. Compared with Madoka and Zombie this season, everything seems to pale in comparison. I'll still finish the series, like Dragon Crisis, but I probably won't make a post until it is complete. My theory is that Chizuru = Treesea while Pharos = their sensei. He gets way too much screen time to be someone that is just background cast.