Korean Zombie Desk Car 4 and Dragon Crisis 4

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
It was another amazing episode. I generally like the mix of serious moments and humour in anime. Also, it helped that it was a Yuu-focused episode. I guess having a drive for and history with the main character matters even in a humour-based series for me.

What kind of crazy pizza do they eat? I just like the many small details they include in this anime (Like as Yuu talks, more paper starts showing up on the table or the hole in the table appears where it should and then randomly disappears). These small things in the background, I guess, make this anime great.

As this story progresses, I'm 100% sure that if he ends up picking a girl, it is going to be Yuu. The other two seem to be getting less focus and back-story compared to her. She is my favourite character, which just seems to amplify my love for this anime. I just really like where this is going and can't think of anything I dislike about this anime at all. It doesn't even have the fail main characters that I have to put up with, which most anime lately seem to have.


Dragon Crisis
...and Ryujji's Harem increases by one more. Well, we knew that she was coming from the episode preview: Empress of the White Dragons, Margarite. She started off as my favourite character of this anime, but her character near end of episode pulled her back a bit. I guess she still is the top, as the lesser of the evil girls of his harem. These dragons that no one seems to know anything about seem to be falling out of the sky here, though. It doesn't seem like they're even pretending to hide their dragon nature, either; I wonder why there is zero info on them when the dragons seem so open.

I thought I was watching Dragon Crisis; since when did this become Index? I guess the remarkably similar characteristics of Index and Rose leads to similar scenes... I mean, both are extremely childlike, in every sense.

No, they aren't. She gets around zero screen time and it is quite obviously unrequited love. Sadly, as much as I hate her, I hate Rose more. I would rather see her than the annoying Rose; I think part of it is that Rose's voice is very annoying. Either way, I dislike both, which just makes me question why I watch an anime where I dislike the entire main cast.

Sigh. Them and their heavily obvious foreshadowing... They're not even pretending to try and hide it. To burst some bubbles, I think the next episode's progression will probably be: George, in an effort to chase Margarite, will learn she is a dragon. He faces an internal conflict of fighting her, followed by realization that it is pointless, and then both run off, happily ever after. It'll be a re-enaction of the love between the dragon and human that started the whole story behind the sword to begin with. It should at least prove to be a good fight, I hope. Dragon Crisis has one thing that I like a lot, at least: their opening song. It's my favourite one of all the opening songs.