Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Rabbit this year, so:

It's been a busy day and I'm pretty late with this post since, in most parts of the world, it has passed already, but meh.

I've also wanted to make this random rant for a while. Currently, when I watch Zombie Desu Ka and Dragon Crisis every week, it is from a group called Horrible Subs. What they do, basically, is take it from Crunchyroll and repost it for free. Now, here is the thing: Crunchyroll doesn't really cost money. I could easily wait a couple of hours and get it from another group, or wait a week and watch it for free from Crunchyroll - but, instead, I watch this ripped version.

For those that don't know: by subscribing to Crunchyroll (it's not even that expensive, at around $5 a month), you support the actual anime rather than just paying for server costs for fansubbing groups.

I'm mainly feeling conflicted since Crunchyroll's base idea is a good solution to the subbing issue, but I have grown accustomed to my timely and free anime; to pay for it now feels wrong even if, logically, paying a low cost to get it a week earlier isn't a huge rip-off.

The way Crunchyroll started was questionable but do the ends justify the means? Their crimes were not atrocious and they have brought about a very good solution to fansubbing.

It's just a slight dilemma I have. It's not like it'll change my viewing habits, since it's just a conflict within my mind. With my random rant over, now it's back to viewing the anime airing today.