Korean Zombie Desk Car 7

Kora Wa Zombie Desu Ka
I'll start this off by saying that Madoka will get a post very soon. I re-watched Madoka and, this time, caught up to the most recent episode. For now, I can say that I was dead-set that Zombie would be the best anime this season, but now I'm not sure with Madoka turning into a contender. I'll explain more later.

We get to learn about the String Theory from the genious Haruna. We also learned about Tanabata from her, too. It was a very informative episode. ;)

I didn't realize what this was talking about until I heard it the second time while doing screencaps. What they were talking about was this. It is a very, very common Chinese dish that pretty much every Cantonese person has eaten. It's just a small tidbid of info that I found interesting when I watched this.

The new girl comes into his harem with a bang. She steals his first kiss and becomes his wife. Seriously, way to try and dominate the harem instantly; it's too bad that Yuu will win in the end.

There's also a random girl for one line but I wonder if she'll one day gets more appearances. Overall, this was another good episode that had me laughing nonstop. Hands down, this is one of my top picks for humour anime, but it gets hard to compare when considering a serious story like Madoka. It's like comparing apples and oranges when comparing humour and storyline; whichever one I saw last ends up being the one I like more. The one big thing is that, with humour, you can't really go wrong but, with story, one episode is all it takes to completely ruin it.

Side note: Dragon Crisis has officially been dropped due to being extremely low on my ratings. The balance of power was broken in Episode 7. When it is story-/battle-based, a power balance is very important. When things stop making sense compared to older episodes, I dislike it very much.