Korean Zombie Desk Car 5 and Dragon Crisis 5

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
It was another amazing episode again, with huge fanservice and plot. There's going to be huge spoilers for anyone that doesn't keep up with anime.

This episode was complete with a yuri scene, with the bathing of three girls. Haruna was naked for pretty much 50% of this episode.

At least he is well aware all these hot girls are around him, and he also clearly likes it. He clearly understands that he has a harem...and he likes it.

You also got to meet Haruna's Dai-sensei. It shows that the main character is sane, since he knows all this stuff is WTF?

I also finally learned what the flash of this during the opener is.

They do also flash this; I think it is all the big baddies that they will have to eventually fight.

All I can say is that we finally got to meet the one that took out Ayumu...and then they battle. It ended with a cliffhanger, so hopefully I'll get to see Yuu fight next episode. I can't wait.


Dragon Crisis
Well, this episode didn't go exactly as I thought, but it was pretty similar. I guess it's not hard to guess closely for a shounen-style anime, so my "close" doesn't mean much. Maragarite's arc concluded this episode.

It's such unrequited love; I question if she even deserves any screen time. She's nothing more than a background character. Being a generic girl part of a harem and getting both lines and screen time... Tsk-tsk.

It was not a particularly interesting battle. It didn't help that the main character was like, "I can't use just my dagger skill. It could INJURE HIM!!!" Somehow, though, using Engage, which is supposedly a billion times stronger, is okay if he aims it.

The next arc begins next week, with a wolf girl character. I might stop blogging about either this or Merry. It's mainly because I would like to give Zombie a longer post. This is still better than Merry. If only all these anime weren't bundled up and airing the same day...