Infinite Stratos 6 and Yumekui Merry 6

Infinite Stratos
Reverse trap = win. Charles shows how absolutely awesome she is and how she blows her competition out of the water in Ichika's harem.

It started with some amazing yaoi action; even Ichika can't resist his charm.

He even wanted to get Charles to shower with him and then got disappointed when it didn't happen.

It's all part of Charles' master plan to win Ichika: bait him a bit and then bag him.

She even followed up on what she missed out on last episode and got fed by him here, too.

I am 100% sure that this is the ranking of the girls now. Charles is ahead by far with Rin barely making an appearance this episode. I enjoyed this episode with Charles clearly dominating the harem. Let's see how Laura goes now.


Yumekui Merry
We finally got to see that Merry is much stronger than she appears.

I hope to see more of Engi in the future, since she and Yui are my favourite characters so far in this anime.

John Doe made his reappearance this episode with a lot of back story, explaining how dream demons came to the real world. You got a good insight to the background story, and also a hint as to what their next objective will be. After striving to steal Main Character's vessal, it felt odd to see him being so helpful. It feels almost like the original synopsis with the World of Cats was just a cheap ploy to get people to give it a try. His character has turned into nothing more than a side character that helps provide new information.

There's no shortage of fanservice, at least, to keep people watching during lengthy explanations.

I don't think I even need to go more in-depth about how tsundere Merry is, as this episode made it clearly obvious.

It seems like the next episode will be a pure fanservice episode. Every anime lately has to go to the beach at least once. Dragon Crisis did it last week, so now it's Merry's turn.