Infinite Harem 5

I think this episode was so good that it deserves its own post, which means that Merry will get one, too (but later, when I feel like it).

So, I was full ready to meet the reverse trap this episode, when another new character took the spotlight: Ran.

Ichika's harem influence is so great that it expands passed just his school. He now even gets his friend's sister. This is first time you clearly see the roll reversal that this society should have changed to. In a world where the females are dominant because of the IS, you can clearly see that what the male usually says instead gets swapped onto Houki. I absolutely loved this scene.

And, as always, I love his three groupies. It's great to not only have your personal harem of childhood friends, but also groupies that are out to do good for you within the school. Go groupies! Spread your rumors!!

After all this, we finally meet reverse trap.

We learned that even the TEACHERS are hot for getting into Ichika's harem. Falling from the sky, she somehow maneuvered her way underneath him and put his hands on her boobs. It was quite the devilish scheme.

Oh, reverse trap, how evil it is to attempt to steal some of Ichika's harem. Clearly, this entire academy was built purely for his harem needs.

Reverse trap is forgiven, though. He is so pro at getting people that even Ichika blushes talking to him/her.

This episode was even complete with all the girls cooking lunch for him.

And this is why Brit-chan is farthest away in the credits. Everyone knows that food is a way to get to your man's heart, so clearly you don't deserve spotlight. Tsk-tsk.

To top it off, the episode ends on a high note. Our latest harem addition is Laura from Germany, who was introduced with a backhand to Ichika. This episode was just pure awesome; can't wait for next one.