Random house keeping

Small stuff Decided to add an "about" page that you can see near top of page. Also changed in some links on the side to have translated light novels and an anime radio. Been listening to it lately since they play familiar OP/ED songs from animes mostly. (stole those links from Rikkuhime's blog XD)

Other then that nothing big changes.

O ya Freezing felt like Queens blade that was more Ecchi then battle and I don't like you at all BIg brother was just slightly mind blowing. My moral compass was off the charts watching that D:

Both won't ever get real blog posts ever since I dislike them alot.

Rift Beta 4 is out. I am so far undecided on what Class I'll be. It will either be:
Cleric > Justicar, Purifier, Shaman
Rogue> Marksman, Ranger, Riftstalker

Leaning more towards rogue atm but I'll see.