Lazy way for all the animes this season

So watched first eps of a couple of these new animes. I'll do it in the order I watched them.

Infinite Stratos
Well I was psyched about this one since I did like the mecha style. I did like the opening battle scene. Though it was obvious he's gonna walk out with a harem of girls before this anime ends. The first girl to fall will be the British one that's super uptight. Will make a claim like "Only you are good enough for me" and be all Tsundere. Most likely it will be that childhood friend he picks since thats how this goes in every anime lately. Probably realize their love for each other like half way through. Definitely give it another eps and see where this goes.

Houkago no Pleiades
Like holy crap, I can't stand the square faces. I couldn't stop staring at how square their faces were. Combined with the horrible slow paced slice of life school crap, it felt unbearable. Felt SOOO BRUTAL. The ending fight and cliffhanger did leave me kinda wanting more. Though highly unlikely I would give it another chance since I hate the faces and how unbearably slow it moves.

Yumekui Merry
Wow, I just hated how this started. Typical useless male lead with a pro-ish girl that owns stuff. Watching her fight was pretty kool though. The whole mysterious thing about her past and such does perk my interest. Maybe it will get another eps or 2. See how it goes with the rest of the animes this season. Just kinda annoyed at the slow start and how useless main lead is going to be. If plot keeps up and decent fighting, might keep watching.

Go Sick
This just bores me. Loli, tsundere, gothic girl. She's annoying and the storyline in general seems boring. Just seemed to have nothing appealing to me at all. Guess I need some humor for me to enjoy it at all. The boring plot doesn't help the case either..... Sherlock Holmes without an interesting case to solve just seems like total trash. Just not worth my time at all.

The animes I pick up for sure this season will probably be more in depth but this is my lazy way out. To many new animes to "sample" and not enough time to give them full posts. Rio was just super mind blowing that it deserved it's own post.