Gundam 00 - Awakening of the Trailblazer

So decided to watch this despite hating Gundam 00 after roughly eps 16 season 1 (It was actually really good before this point and bad after and even worse by season 2).
Being quite some time since I watched the series (I followed it during original airing), So I had to refresh my memory of the side chars and such cause my mind blocked out this horrid memory of an anime.

With this movie, I had hopped they might redeem themselves a bit and go back to being the good first couple eps style that it started out being, I was sadly mistaken. A sequel is a sequel, they only brought the series lower and lower by adding in more story to this. Without spoiling much, basically the story turned from Gundam VS Gundam or humans fighting each other, to human VS unknown alien. Kinda loses the edge when it isn't Gundams fighting and all the fighting scenes are like gundam seed where they shoot 1 shot and s string of explosions appear. The fighting was 1 of the worse I seen combined with a crappy storyline sure leads to some crap. It doesn't help that I generally don't like many of the characters in the show either, but that is more personal taste.

Their were only 2 decent moments in this whole movie, 1 at the start and 1 at the very end. The start was with a "movie" of how second season ended so you could see their little power ranger style reenactment. Obviously can't talk about the end without spoiling but it comes after the credits. You get some insight on the the grand scheme of things and a closure of something that I had hopped would happen much earlier.

Either way, it was far from even being considered decent. 5/10