Infinite Stratos 3 and YumeKui Merry 3

Infinite Stratos
So, we finally got to meet the second childhood friend: Fan Rinin.

In general, I like her the most of the three, since she more openly admits she likes him from the beginning. Down with the tsundere girls!!!

Still, two childhood friends? IMPOSSIBLE!!! You're not really a childhood friend if it was after the other one. Otherwise, all your friends in your childhood would fall under this category. This term is specifically for that "special one", not just ANY FRIEND. Gawd, he just planned for a harem from the beginning. "Create some conflict and then conquer them all." What an evil plan.

Cecilia just openly showed that she likes him. How quickly her tsundere shield broke; didn't even last three episodes. Tsk-tsk. In this episode, her entire personality did a 180.

I mean, all these girls are just jumping at the change to get with him. I'll actually be angry if he doesn't get his harem ending and instead picks one. D: There'll be lots of broken hearts in that end...


Yumekui Merry
So, this arc was already in the manga on Mangafox, so I knew exactly what was going to happen. I loved Minato, although she clearly has no problem making friends if she could talk to weirdos like Merry and Yumeji.

There was not enough Isane this episode. God, why is Merry the main character? Isane > Merry.

Either way, this was a more plot-progressing story. We learned more about dream demons and it was the started of a ragtag partnership to hunt out more dream demons. There was not much of a fight, either; just lots of talking. I guess I'm fine with text-heavy stuff. which is why I don't mind.

God, this scene was so weird that I had to stop it when I was watching. WTF IS WITH HER LEG? Randomly posing for the camera? That looks so uncomfortable.

There was not much Merry/Yumeji interaction for tsundere moments, with just one small one at the end. After clearly explaining how hard it would be to find dream demons, Yumeji offered to help since it would be a hell of a lot easier and she declined with her pouty face. Oh, Merry, when will you realize your random childhood memory of Yumeji that will then lead you to fall for him and just not admit it? (Pearz Theory)