Infinite Stratos 2

So we get to see our first real IS battle this eps. We also get a bit of background on how the IS work in this world and a bit about the general setting. I do like learning these small details rather then plowing through to main plot.
Overall the series looks like it is going to focus more on the harem half then the story half though. Hard to tell when they are still introducing the characters. I mean even the random seniors in the academy are looking to get with him.
He even has his group of 3 girls that appeared in both eps to just want to eat with him. He's so gonna have his complete school harem by the end of this. To bad hes gonna be the sissy type that will only pick one, Houki. Waste of a harem if you ask me XD
At least hes not the wimpy type and takes charge of the girl he likes, which is the opposite every main male lately in anime.
Cecilia turning out to be super Tsundere, I mean we got this going to this:

Not like we didn't see that coming from a mile away.

This next eps BREAKS THE BOUNDARIES OF ANIME!?!??!?! Your only allowed 1 childhood friend per hero, Such blasphemy! Either way, still enjoying Infinite Stratos, but it looks like it will be 1 battler per eps which seems kinda slow. Owelz