Lazy double anime Post

So eps 2 of both Dragon Crisis and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? came out yestarday.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?
This eps makes Yuu shine as the best character of this show. From eps 1 I was under assumption the girl that Ayumu would end with was Haruna. I mean she seemed like the most in your face character.

Yuu seemed like just like a side character from the first eps but eps 2 was pretty much dedicated purely for Yuu even though Sera was the new character introduced. Always nice to get a bit of backstory of Yuu and Ayumu meeting. This eps was much more story heavy then the last eps that was more focused on humor. I guess being made from a light novel you must have some amount of storyline. Wouldn't be bad if it moved more storyline based with comedy on side. Definitely top anime of the season for me right now.

Ohh Yuu, way to take out the competition XD


Dragon Crisis
I know original I said I wouldn't blog about Dragon crisis but the 2nd eps took huge leaps. I pegged it being a pure harem anime based on the first eps and OP/ED where their were clearly more girls that needed to be introduced. I was surprised to see eps 2 was pure storyline. Their was nearly zero fanservice this eps too which it huge difference from almost a pure eps of fanservice in first eps.
Just found it funny, Wasn't their only 7 lvl 5 espers in Railgun. Just found it a nice coincidence.

How does his wings come out without ripping his clothes? I think this was all I could think of when I saw this scene. Either way I will probably blog about Dragon Crisis based on where this is heading. Storyline = good.


For now I realized all 3 animes I enjoy the most are all adaptions from light novels. Maybe it takes a better plot and good writing to make it popular as a light novel as opposed to manga. Lately all these manga adaptations seemed to suck. Maybe it has to do with me not being able to read the light novels so nothing to compare with unlike manga.

Probably do these double combined posts every week.