Rio - Rainbow Gate 01

So from just the preview I knew this wasn't going to go well but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I had just come from playing relatively good games of HON to a 2 game losing streak, 1 complete shut out while other losing with 1 of my best heroes. I saw this anime was out and decided to punish myself for failing. Okay I woulda probably watched the first eps regardless based on how bad that trailer was, I mean nothing could be that bad right? I was wrong. This anime I could say was so bad and I couldn't stop facepalming and at 1 point had to close my laptop in disbelief.
1. Their is no such thing as TOO SHINY. Literally everything is shiny in this anime, the one that caught my attention EVERY TIME was the breasts. WHY WERE THEY SHINY?!?!?!?!? I mean they were even shiny at night with no light, like WTF? Even the little girl is staring in disbelief.

2. Apparently the second Rio steps into casino EVERYONE WINS!!! So what casino would want to hire you? Its like "Hey guys, lets pay money to hire her so we can lose MORE MONEY! Its the perfect plan!"

3. Casinos can solve all your problems. I mean, no confidence to propose? No worries, Rio will rig it so you win and magically gain confidence. Only seconds later for the girl to ask for money for the wedding before accepting. So why do you wanna marry this girl? At least pretend to hide your gold digging ways.

4. Complete with random Yu-Gi-Oh style duel where they enter their own magical universe to communicate with the cards. Nothing like the heart of the cards in gambling.

Either way, unless every show ends up turning horrid this season, I strongly doubt I will even give this a second eps. I mean if it was meant as humor maybe........ but I think it was suppose to be serious at times yet just ended up looking so shitty that it turned to humor. Give first eps a watch, it was even more mind blowing then the trailer which I didn't think was possible. I truly believe this show deserves some kinda mind blowing award. It has never been blown away this bad.