So some new stuff

Slowly moving back into my "anime" phase where I want to watch more animes.

Latest anime series was True Tears.

Had nice pacing, some fanservice and a nice gripping story. Main thing was up until the end it was still back and forth who the main character would pick to be his girl. I had to keep pausing in utter fear he would pick wrong (yes their is only 1 correct choice). I would watch the OVA for it too but it apparently is an alternate universe where he picks the wrong choice which I don't want to watch. Either way was pretty good, had most of stuff I look for just feel bad for the best friend. They tied of everything nicely at the end though. 8/10

Also decided to play my first harvest moon game ever, Rune Factory 3. It was suppose to be RPG-ish mixed with harvest moon so I decided to try it. What I learned is the town is filled with like nothing but girls. Its like a 8:1 ratio of girls to boys, not to mention each girl had to have their own "catch". They each had their own specfic personality to seperate them from the rest which I found funny. Reminded me of Ookami-san, no character overlaps lulz.
It was fun at first but the constant farming feels tedious now. Not even gonna make it far enough to marry 1 of the girls tsk tsk. Though I realized I am a sucker for Tsunderes when it was in a game XD. I had the urge to follow around the girl that ignored me and ignored all the ones that tried to whore themselves. So effective D:
Best thing was their is a undubbed version so I don't need to listen to crappy English voice acting.

Still can't try Forsaken World, didn't get accepted to Phase 2 that makes me sad.

So pulling from my old list of animes I still haven't watched but been meaning to:
Kurenai, Kara No Kyoukai, Canaan, eve no jikan