Winter Anime season

So 1 final chart was added for the winter lineup which starts next week.

If you wanted some of the trailers for the animes, this is a pretty good compilation.

Side note: At 1 point I should look for these myself then to refer to other blogs to do work for me XD

Small time anime blog ftw!!!

So definite try list is:

Infinite Stratos - The mecha design is different and looks good. From trailer it looks like decent battle, just depends how deep the ecchi / harem thing is will depend if I keep following it.

Dragon Crisis - Just LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!! Plus some random plot line seems to favour humor. Not huge expectations but see where it goes.

Go Sick - A female loli gothic Sherlock Holmes. Again some low expectations but I'll see.

Merry Dream Eater - Seems to be a humor based anime, so definitely give it a try.

Is this a Zombie? - For sure trying, seems like right up my alley. I mean the trailer had a PINK CHAINSAW!!!

Wandering Son - Okay I initially wrote this one off before even looking at trailer, but the animation style is very interesting. I guess it is a worth a shot, I mean trailer wasn't bad.

Remember My lovecraft sensei - Another humor right up my alley.

Limbo animes:

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Nearly nothing about this with a trailer that tells you nothing. For fucking with me, I don't think its even worth a shot.

Fractale - Seems storylined based which I can't seem to get into lately.

Animes that get the award for being absolutely WTF this season:

Rio (Rainbow Gate) - Like my mind was just BLOWN watching this trailer. Words can not describe how horrid I think this anime will go. Maybe it will so bad its good.

I don't like you at all big brother - JUST WOW. OUT RIGHT INCEST! Sadly though I will still watch 1 eps. Curosity killed the cat, and probably a bit of my soul when I watch this.