Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

So very recently, the OVA/Advertising thingy for it came out and today, the manga finally came to a close (well it ended earlier but translation time for chapter).

I picked this up a couple months ago when I first started looking into more Yandere animes. At that time, it was at it's "high point". Exactly 1 chapter later is when everything went to trash and the whole new can of worms was opened (chapter 55). Guess shoulda seen the ending coming with that WTF plot change in that chapter. If it ended at around chapter 54, this manga would be a solid 9 or even 9.5/10. As the chapters went on, it only felt like i got worse. Spiralling down and down till we finally got to this bad ending that dropped it down to only a 7.5/10 which is a pretty big drop considering how high it was.

I was very dissapointed how the ended it, could have stayed absolutely amazing but the author had to cave to pressure of a "good ending" and now we got this trash.

Esuno Sakae I despise you for ruining Yuno!!! ~sigh sigh, poor Yuno I remember the days when she ran around hatcheting everyone. Where has those hatchet swinging days gone?

Mirai Nikki coulda been so much better.......... Still recommended by me, as long as they quit while they are ahead. Don't finish XD