So noticed this movie was subbed today. Saw description and didn't seem to bad so gave it a watch.

First off, like to say didn't like this animation style. Seemed to be "less lines" feeling like characters design sucked a bit. Well it isn't a game breaker, but sure takes away when compared to other animes.

She sure can XD
I did like the characters in this anime so that helped me get through it. Always good to have non-retarded characters. Been getting tired of the absolute fail characters in animes lately. Good to have some pro stuff.

Favourite Scene XD
The plot started off all mysterious and tried to keep it through the whole series. It did a decent job but I felt the story wasn't that gripping. The basic storyline could have been better done, though the delivery was good at least. The general setting of the world was probably what intrigued me the most. I generally like seeing the settings people design as a plausible future.

Loved this picture ^_^

Overall it was decent, nothing amazing. Can watch it if your bored, some might enjoy it more then I did. Guess didn't enjoy it as much since it felt like it had more potential. 7/10