Absolutely random rantz

So I think this is the first time a "major" manga ended with me following most of the way. By that I am refering to Psyren. Started off really strong but near the end kinda felt like it didn't flow as well. Left on a decently strong point though which is good. At least the author had a good 10-15 chapters to wrap things up since the author clearly knew cancellation was coming soon anyways. Ending was still abrupt but could have been much worse. It's strong start makes me want to read whatever series he comes up with next too.

If you want to understand how popularity effect cancellation of mangas read "Bakuman". Explains things well and very good manga in general, probably top for long running atm in my books.

So realized that the only animes I can stand nowadays are humor. Battle seems to slow and done much better in mangas and some very specific type of humor gets me going. Sadly that type only exists in Harems and fanservice filled animes like MM! and Oriemo. MM! I think the most cosplay I have ever seen in any anime. Ever eps the main characters cosplay something different (off top of head, police, nurse, maid, wedding dress, camo and many others). Oriemo I don't even know why I still watch. I hate the main character, I hate his sister and only the side characters seemed interesting. ~sigh, should just remove all those fail main characters.

Probably other more random news is LoL 2.0 is getting ported into HON with introduction of casual mode. Literally took all the crap from LoL that "casual gamers" love about LoL and made it into casual mode.
HON 2.0, now needing even less skill to play !!!
Other then that fail mode that I wouldn't consider even trying once to taint my stats, the other small stuff will be amazing like new skins and team matchmaking.

Still working my way through Golden Sun, not that far yet though. So far not bad.

Last note adding in the Winter anime season chart for upcoming animes. All I can say is their is this sudden surge of Ecchi/ Harem animes lately. It makes up at least 90% of them this season.