New MMOs this week

Vindictus OB = Oct 13 (tommorow)
Dynasty warrior online CB = Oct 14th

We(Rho, Aaro and me) will be playing both when it comes out. Vind we willget boat 3 for another area to try out. Dynasty warriors doesn't seem like anything special, maybe it will wow and amaze me but I strongly doubt it.

For future stuff looking forward to:
Forsaken World = CB Oct 27th
Argo Online = CB Dec 28
Iris Online = Fall 2010 (I hope soon)

Also been playing the new FF game for DS, The 4 heroes of light. Must say it is pretty difficult that I'm not used to. Gotta talk to like all the NPCs to learn where to go, and I pretty much had to die to every boss to learn their element to counter it on 2nd try. Pretty fun game XD

So delayed on animes, haven't even watched 1 eps of all the new season lineup yet. All I know is World God only knows is off the list. I hate the voices and the anime seemed to make the overall story shittier.

Final Funny note: FF14 sure getting alot of rage. I wonder how people can really believe a content patch will come weeks from official release. You look at any MMO, that initial content it comes with makes up at least 50% if not more of the content the game ever has before it dies. Most games barely add anything after initial, hard to believe Sqnix will be much different. After all, You don't build half a bridge then open it up saying the rest will be coming very soon, that wouldn't float for anyone and FF is no exception.