Cuz frequent short updates is what it's about this week

So just spend the day reading this manga, it has been a while since I found a manga captivating enough that I read it start to finish with no break.

Onemanga, (for the couple days left before it dies) or Mangafox.

Has mature content warning but nearly no nudity. Dunno how it got flaged but meh. It isn't complete but it is a chapter or 2 from finishing and how can you say no to Yandere characters XD

Either way it's good, go read it now.

Stealth Edit (July 31st):
Oh Since this post was so short anyways, I'll stealth edit in more. Onemanga dies in a couple more hours T_T

O how I love you Yandere characters. Don't recognize the Top right and bottom left animes but meh.

Lesson of the (School) Day: Harem's don't usually end well (remembered cause just been reading cage of eden and the main char was considering making his own harem country in recent chapters lulz)

Now back to reading more manga before onemanga dies and life as we know it will end.

Stealth Edit 2: Official shutdown date has been posted to be tommorow O NOEZ!!11!!!!!