Pearz for GS~!

I have decided to run for GS. You can do your part and support me in this thread. :O

Also, here is a repost of my GS application:
(Aaro Note~ : With lots of Aaro!Edits that I couldn't make to the actual post. Sadface.)

What community contributions have you made that shows you would make a good game sage?
I have a huge number of community contributions. If I had to pick one, my large ego is my biggest contribution. I mean, just the size of it surely takes up the whole server.

What experience do you have running/hosting organizational events?
Although I can run a variety of events, I have one specialty. I host various Flame Wars in threads that I enter. I keep large amounts of players amused for hours; isn't that the point of having events?

What experience do you have helping people find solutions to their problems?
I have a unique way of helping players find a solution to their most common problem: their build. By utterly destroying my opposition in PVP, players find a clear solution on what build to use... mine.

What experience do you have with our forum community?
I am a frequent poster within the forums. Through very aggressive tactics, I teach players how not to make a fool of themselves on the forums. Usually the players I am teaching don't learn very quickly, but onlookers seem to like my unique approach to teaching players what not to do on the forums.

Please give a short description of what you think a good GameSage does.
To be readily available at all times for the players to ask questions. I have found the easiest way to do this is to mimic the current GS team's actions. By standing in Babel at all times, players know where to find me to inquire about Megaten.

Why do you want to be a GameSage for THIS game (and not another)?
Being a GameSage here is important due to the encouragement I get from the forums. I am often invited into threads to make comments on players' posts. Very often, this leads to unscheduled forum events - but the more events, the better, right? No other game gives me such satisfaction in posting on the forums.

What makes you think you would be a good GameSage?
It's due to my large amount of fame. I believe I can rally a lot of votes from the community. Isn't a GameSage elected by the community on their behalf to communicate with the GMs? If so, I am shoo in 'cause I win in popularity.

ticket number: 9001

Voting for Pearz shows you're kool. You wanna be kool, right?


On a side note: even though I downloaded Aika Online, chances are that I won't even try it.

More for my own reference, here's a list of what I'll be watching for the week (it's just some anime I watch; I keep up with way too many manga to list D:), since Allods CB will be ending tomorrow.

(Here is a nice source for all the new anime that just started this winter season.)

List of anime to be watched:
Katanagatari (interesting animation style; I really like this different style)
Bakemonogatari (actually, I don't know much about this, other than that it's the same author as the previous one...and it really caught my eye)
Kara no Kyoukai (so that I'm well-versed in mainstream stuff XD)
Okami Kakushi (new show; I'll give it the first couple epis before judging)
Vampire Bund (loli vampires, lulz)
Durarara!! (claims of makers of Baccano!, and that was good)
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (this one is more to catch up to current epis, though the manga seems to be better)
Bounen no Xamdou (Aaro recommended it D:) (Aaro Note~ : I don't know where she got that. This was NOT one of the ones I recommended, even though I recommended millions.)
Sora no Woto (lulz characters look exactly the same as K-ON, except they go to war...)

I'll probably update later with what I think of these, and then maybe watch more stuff after seeing how this week progresses. If you have some totally awesome anime that no one has really heard of, I'm all ears. I don't want anything predating 2004, though; older animation styles seem to annoy me of late. D: