Nothing New For This Week~

I've spent a week not playing Allods since the chances are that this is the last CB and it will be wiped. Then there's probably another week or two before OB starts. In the meantime, I was playing Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (for DS), while watching some anime. It's a pretty fun game; kind of Bejeweled + RPG-ish elements.

The only other thing to do is maybe try Aika Online, which is launching its first CB the same day that this CB for Allods ends. Though I'm pretty pessimistic about it, it's something to do. (Of course, I might just watch some more anime.) Here some info about it.
The game just screams pedophile. At Level 10, you get a little girl as a pet. The girl is your "daughter" and you have to be "intimate" with her in order [for her] to be obedient.
The pet pretty much screams jailbait, with equally misleading phrases in the voice acting.


Well, I've decided to add more to this post instead of writing a new one dedicated purely to the new Ipad. If you don't know about it: it is the new "revolutionary" piece of hardware. (btw, it's not.)

This was first brought to my attention by Mahouto spewing how amazing it is, so I did some research and found that it was such a piece of junk that I now have to blog about it.

tl; dr : It is literally a bigger Itouch, which makes it less portable and pretty much useless. Compared to the Netbook fad, this Ipad is utterly useless.

So, Problem One:
Starting with the biggest one - multitasking. With any Netbook, you can multitask. The OS lets you browse the Web, watch a movie, listen to music, and all at the same time. It's kind of like a normal computer. Ipad, on the other hand, does not. Without this key feature of a normal computer, it already severely lacks in functionality.

Problem Two:
The cost vs hard drive space. Ipad uses solid state drive (as with USB keys, mini/microSD cards), which limits the hard drive capacity...whereas Netbooks use normal hard drives (the kind with the spinning disk) (Aaro Note~ : This is also know as HDD.), which can store much, much more information at a lower cost. Not only that, but the IPad does not come with any SD card expansion. This means that you would not be able to increase the hard drive space other than buying the "better" models - btw, between the 16GB and 32GB drives, the difference is a cool $100. The cost of 16GB of solid state does not cost that much; at most, it's $50 for high class (quality/speed) type.

Problem Three:
The 3G. It is stated that you can buy a better model with 3G capabilities so that you can always be connected to the Internet, wherever you go. The problem is that you're paying an extra $130 for the 3G capabilities. The $ amounts keep racking up; at what point is it not worth it? Nowadays (at least, in Toronto) you can easily make Netbooks able to use the 3G networks for Internet. It would cost nowhere close to the $130 price tag Apple is toting. Actually, it's pretty much free; with a 2-year contract, it's free and even at a 1-year contract, you're paying $50 for Rogers (Canadian 3G carrier).

Problem Four:
Apple Apps. Well, this is more a personal problem for me (and other freeware users). You're stuck using Apple applications (i.e. pay for them). Not only that but they also force you to use their file formats and you wouldn't be able to use your own programs on it that they might not have. Not to mention that if you watch anime (or download any videos from the Internet), the file formats are all different. To find converters for all of them, and then convert them, and then upload... Well, you might as well just have watched it all by then. This would completely waste that nice screen, since getting stuff to watch on it would be a huge hassle.

Problem Five:
Adobe Flash. Due to problems between Apple and Adobe, there is no Flash on Ipad. (Since Safari does not have it initially.) This means that there will be no Youtube or any other xyz Flash program/web page you may use.

I mean, pretty much the only thing going for it is the large touch screen and the 10-hour battery. With the weight and size of the Ipad, you might as well carry around a Netbook. They are superior in pretty much every way (like price and functionality). Let us see now what Apple REALLY does best: marketing. How will they now turn something utterly useless into the next Must Have? Bleh. Am I the only one that hates Apple products more than Microsoft ones?

O ya. Rho told me to add this. Cheers! (Something much older that happened to have the same name. XD)