Advanced Wars?!?!

Realizing just how useless a general Lndi was, Pearz decided to just lock him away and try to trade him off for some money. After all, useless general or not, people still wanted some organs.

Realizing the peril he faced, Lndi quickly seduced the guard by pretending to be a female. Convincing the guard to give him a harmless spoon, he slowly tunneled his way out of prison.

Finally free, he decided to take revenge on Pearz for the imprisonment. This time, to avoid getting murdered by the bombers, he found a field perfect to fight in. It was an area devoid of any aerial combat.

Pearz was quick to take up the terrain, moving to control the sea separating them. Lndi was well prepared, stopping not one but two minor pushes set forth by Pearz. Realizing that small scale skirmishes were not the key to winning the fight, the battle stood to a standstill.

With a couple days to prepare, Pearz was ready to siege Lndi once again. A full scale bombardment from the battleships obliterated Lndi's army. Cornered by a massive fleet of battleships, Lndi scrambled to position rockets but it was too late. The battleships flattened the land that Lndi's army stood upon. Quickly realizing his loss, he was quick to run away to try again another day.

It was another glorious victory for Pearz.


btw, no more fanfiction about Advanced Wars (probably). lulz I had too many in between to post about them. Suffice to say, I have yet to lose. I'm changing the rules to: beat me once to get 7mil. There is no more best two out of three. That should make it easier for people. D:

On an absolute side note:

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