Escaping Death

(Aaro Note~ : The delicious pun of the title is an Original Pearz Idea.)

I was going to finish a very old post about PVP in general, but it bored me and also seemed out of date. So, instead, I'll post more recent stuff~

Today, as some may have saw me, I PVPed for a bit on MT. I noticed that the entire Chaos team liked to rush Point 1 and sit there the entire match. (It's pretty funny, but it works. Good news is that, when I was playing, I didn't need a team; me alone was enough. XD)

More importantly, I noticed a huge rise in death-based melees. My question: Is the MT community really that unadaptive to change? To let one class EVER totally dominate in PVP shows a lack of ability to think outside the box.

Now, most of you would jump to the conclusion that anti-death takes lv92 Thoth, and that is insane. Yes, it is true that anti-death would do the trick, but there are also much easier (and practical) ways to change. When knowing your opponent is one solo type, you can easily adapt to fight only that one type and thus destroy them.

Here is what I would do:
Eyepatch: 3% attack --> change to --> AC Mask: 8% death resist, -8% expel resist
Seraphim Pants: 3% attack --> change to --> AC Pants: 12% death resist, -8% death resist (there's another pair of pants that gives 13% on J-Wiki, but I don't see it in our shops)
Blood Drain Earring --> change to --> any one of those 5 Int earrings <.<, then Komokuten (10 int)
High Pixie SS: 2 int --> change to --- > Phantom: 5% death resist

From these changes in my Int, I'll gain 15. I could swap in 6 Thantom tarots (18% death resist) without losing a single bit on my pulse (just a 7% cast time).

I could easily drop down one full tier on my pulse (10 more int) and get 11 Phantoms for 33%.

Add that up: 33 + 8 + 12 + 5= 58% death resist, all for the price of 4CLR, 6% attack affinity and 32% cast time.

Assuming even a 60% pulse, with 58% death resist = 17% normal damage. (1.5k swipes go to 252 assuming your pulse is even that weak, plus the reduction from visor + backpack.)

Pretty nice trade-off, considering that every other player is using this now. I could go even MORE extreme and:

Blaze: 10% humans --> change to --> Petals of Innocence? (I forgot exact name): 10% death
Suit: 10% general + 7% attack affinity --> change to --> AC Armor: 12% death
finish with full Phantoms --> 2 more = 6%

This would give me another 28% death, which would half the damage AGAIN in exchange for a much more serious 10% general, 17% affinity damage and 4 Int.

Adding in the backpack and visor that also reduce damage means they would be lucky to clear 100 damage if you stack up on death defense.

86% death resist + 55% pulse = 6% normal damage
2k damage = 120 damage (plus the reduction of backpack and visor)

Seriously speaking, the second trade-off might be a bit extreme, but that first trade-off is definitely worth it when everyone is using death. Question comes down to: Why is no one adapting to the new PVP environment? Is it really that hard to counter a build? If you managed to get anti-death too, with even the first build, you would be totally immune to death (pun intended), since that's what everyone is in PVP.

BTW: Since no one wants to play, I'll bump up reward for my Advanced Wars challenge to 5mil if you beat me.