Mini Succubus Wings?!

So, I took a nap after I got home, and woke up to a 4-page thread on how the new FC failed to have Mini Succubus Wings. Normally, I wouldn't blog again so soon (because I'm lazy), but this thread required immediate attention. Within this thread, Attacker apparently already got his post censorsed deleted, with no response when Kohana posted, asking why. So, the big question is: "What was so bad about it?" Would love if someone had the original post cached to post it.

Here are my 2cents about this issue. (It wasn't posted on the forums 'cause maybe it would be censorsed, and I don't like to hold back on words when posting.)

First off, I would like to remind you all of this poll that was put up last week. Notice how the Mini Succubus Wings were the most liked in that poll. I believe what happened occurred because of that poll. Basically, seeing as how the wings were the most popular, Aeria decided to tell Cave to pull the wings out of the patch they just got. What they didn't know was it was ALREADY in the FCs this week. So Cave kind of pulled the wings out for some future promo the GMs had planned, but didn't realize that the current week's FC already had that Mini Succubus Wings (or maybe they did, but Cave half-assed it and didn't pull it out of the FC, too). The delayed maintenance was probably due to Cave trying to last-minute whip up the changes in the patch that Aeria was requesting.

So, what we really had was the GMs manipulating the FC, based on the poll, but failing 'cause either they or Cave half-assed it. Since the GMs obviously have no control over the FC, there's no way that it's their fault and they surely had no hand in it at all.

What likely happened was that they saw that Cave had screwed up and then decided to make the best of it. Instead of crying over spilled milk, they decided to make the best of the situation - and that is when that promo came out.

I'd like to point out two true facts that Xand mentioned:
1. IF we all play the FC in such a way to be able to get the wings, it is true that we WOULD have more wings than other rares released in FCs like this (i.e. Blue Angel, Phoenix sets, Black Bella, etc.)
2. The Wings for 1.5kAP as a pure Tiered Spender is better than the odds you would normally get opening FCs.

The problem was not so much so the facts but rather how it was delivered. What was covered up as a way to "help" alleviate the problem was just a way to make more money. By instead giving a Tiered Spender, any of the high spenders would have the Wings instantly. The "casual" spenders would instead have to buy an FC twice a day for a week, netting 14 FC buys, which would have been half that buy-out cost. More people would be inclined to test their luck in a limited raffle, yielding a higher profit overall.

If you want to REALLY help alleviate the problem, it doesn't work when you're making more money out of it. As stated in the thread, a full rebate would be a much better way to show you're sorry; definitely better than throwing out a promo that nets you more money. A line from a movie that perfectly suits this situation: "If you're gonna piss on my face, don't tell me it's raining."

I actually caught Bleach deleting the post first (since I was refreshing to get links on posts for this post) - but, luckily, Kohana still had the page open and could save it for me. You can get it here, or just look at this picture:

This was the original idea that Bleach posted, but it was deleted within a couple of minutes. It was a good idea, but why was it deleted? Was it a bad idea to be able to openly discuss if it was good or bad? Normally, I don't like posting PMs, but I failed to see how this was such a big secret. It's more something that they say all the time, anyway.

(Aaro Note~ : Bleach had originally not wanted to present this idea to the public, instead taking it to PM with the GMs [as is the official explanation]. However, he has ultimately reposted here. )

I mean, the FIRST LINE of his post was a clear suggestion. Does really suggesting something SHOW that the GSes ARE JUST PLAYERS? The clear fact that a GS felt the need to even censor a post of a SUGGESTION shows that they really aren't part of the general community. Thus, this shows the CLEAR breakdown that Rho speaks of, of the GS to general player base we see rampant in Megaten.

If you don't understand why Bleach or any GS has posted recently in hot topic stuff: it is a common strategy where only one person speaks, as it creates a unified front of the management. It makes it look like a more solid position and thus just looks better.

I believe Bleach's idea is decent, just a bit rough around the edges (and needs a bit of refining) - but still a solid base idea. The reason it had to be deleted was because in case a GM didn't like it, then no one could see it and go, "WHY NOT? When everyone else likes it..."

So, as I was doing this, YET ANOTHER POST has been deleted. This time, it was Theena's post. Here is the post that was censored:

The censorship seems just as bad as ever. *awaits the locking of thread* Nothing that Xand spoke of seems to have been changed.

- Three posts were censored; Attacker, Bleach and Theena's post were outright deleted. My post had the picture removed when I tried to repost Bleach's post.
- Aeria tries to pretend it is helping us with more lies?
- GSes feel the need to not state their opinion, and the gap between the GSes and the general community grows larger.

Gonna sleep soon, probably only to wake up and find the whole thread missing, at this rate.
I'll have another post later, with FC review and such other random rants.
If any other posts get censored that you catch, feel free to add it in; I might not have caught them all. Ninja thread deleting is too fast for me. D: Some forum GS must be having a blast tonight with all the deleting.

Just when I thought Xand was doing better lately...