Aeria Loves Cave

So, here is a version of how the conversations go between Aeria and Cave:

*ring ring*
Cave - Moshi-moshi?
Aeria - Hi, it is Aeria calling AGAIN. We are looking for some changes to the FC AGAIN.
C - *walks away to get their best English-speaking representitive*
Ha-lo A-ri-a. What do iz joo need?
A - In the upcoming FC we would like you to remove the White Rider from the FC.
C - Um... Yes?
A - *speaks slowly, pronouncing each word*
C - Yes, yes, White Rider...out...FC...desu ka?
A - Yes, thank you.
C - Sayonara.
A - Bai-bai.

The following week: White rider comes out in FC.

A - FML.

I take full credit for the above. Pearz had nothing to do with it. (For the love of chocolate, please stop emoing in clan chat now plzkthnxbai.)