FC Stuff & More Randomnesszsz

God, just looking at the FCs lately just feels like it's such a waste of money...but, meh. Can't tell if the rates are getting better or people are just spending more money. ...I think it's the latter.

So here is a player-posted version of the FC again...

Deposit This! FC - 300AP
Two decent vouchers, lots of junk. I mean, those rings, earrings, HP heals? I guess if you don't already have a billion of those crap fillers, it's half-baked. The Chinese Dresses in Phoenix Vouchers are decent. They sport the best boots possible in their set, and the suit gives 1% less stats but 20% off cooldowns. The only major downfall is that the male version of set is fugly, and you should be shot for using it. Horrid fillers, half-baked sets = 4/10.

Can I Help You? FC - 300AP
Lots of returns of old stuff - the Devil Summoner Set is rare, the Maid Set isn't. There is a pleasant return of the Glowing Swallowtail, and that other old set (Scarlet Line?). Only problem is that the Devil Summoner was rare, but not good enough to pull up rest of Fortune Card. The fillers are half-baked, but the top prize is what drives people to try, and the Devil Summoner just isn't good enough = 5/10.

Flamehorn FC - 150AP
Ho-ho-ho, the new Flamehorn is finally in. It's one of the best melee weapons out there. With it, the return of the Duft and Scatter, and some other stuff. There's tons of incense, and cheaper than buying straight out of the Comp Shop. Tons of people seem to be turning up with Scatter and Duft spears, too. Flamehorns seem to be found decently (don't know, though, if it's 'cause of a lot of spammage). A couple of bad filler stuff but overall decent fillers with an amazing top prize = 8.5/10.

So that's done. D:

To really start off: this week, I have slightly renewed my faith in Bleach with its latest chapter (364). Lately, the path it was taking was bad and the balance of power was getting skewed, which I hated the most. At least things are starting to look more "balanced" now. Won't ruin it but yeah, I like what happened in this chapter.

So, you guys may (or may not) know about recent e-drama unfolding here at Finella's blog. Basics of it: Finella's testing how great of a bot/hack detection system Aeria has in place to detect all the changes you make to the game. Also, if you've never been there, there's lots of useful stuff random info. Just lots of harmless fun.

Here is link to a useful tool. It automatically clicks wherever on the screen your mouse icon is - just specify the interval and how many times. Just a suggestion, though: if you're going to use it, use it because you don't want wrist pains from spamming the same key for the next couple of hours. If you leave it unattended, it's not my fault if you're considered a botter (as the only real bot checker Aeria uses PMs you and sees if you respond). Just remember to use it attended, and use it because you don't want your hand to hurt from spammage. (If you don't understand how it works, you're not meant to use it. <.<, Don't PM me asking how it works.)

Now for a SERIOUS, SERIOUS note. I have been notified of a serious matter occurring here in Aeria's Megaten. At first, I didn't believe it - but the evidence was astounding. It is the "We Hate All Melees" (which, from now on, will be abbreviated as WHAM) conspiracy occurring within our server. We can look back at the way Aeria has been handling the Cash Shop stuff to see.

It started with the Beach Sets. Out of the three sets, the Wave Set (melee version) was put in as a Top Spender. Shortly after the Top Spender ended, the other two sets were added in as just normal FC items. This limited it to there being only 3 of these sets on the whole server whereas the other two types had many, many more on our server.

The 2nd instance of WHAM occurring was with the Angel Sets. Within the FC, for both the Green and Red Sets, you could get just the suit only from FC. The suit was where the majority of the +% was. This made it so you didn't need to strike the top prize and still obtain the decent % from the set. Not only was the normal melee suit (Blue Version) not included as a normal prize, the voucher was also the RAREST of the three colours. Another show of how WHAM was really out to get melees.

Now, currently with the new Phoenix Sets: notice the there is no melee version? Well, there actually exists one, a red-coloured version for melees. How coincidental is it that it is not part of the normal FC? Undoubtedly, it will be put out as a Top Spender to further hurt melees.

Not only this, but the only melee GM was quit (fired); maybe it has something to do with him favouring melee. :O Without a doubt the GMs hate melees and want them to suffer. (Someone said it was probably 'cause they hate me for my negativity, and I'm melee, but I believe it's definitely bigger then me.) Don't stand for this WHAM, rally up against this injustice against all melees.