Psycho Pass 05 - Impeding Flashback

I guess things slightly picked up this episode but the pacing overall is still quite slow. Funny though, it seems they pulled the same thing as Madoka for the first scenes of the anime. They made it seem like it was a prelude to the end scenes when it was always in chronological order. At least it doesn't seem as critical to the whole plot as Madoka was. More of a chance to flesh out the characters I guess, also a chance to introduce the final villain.

The gap between the old and new world. I think they quite well described how the difference in the generation gap. When you grow up with no exposure to the internet, you are prone to thinking it as an extra tool rather then a necessity that the newer generation believes it is. Both can see value in the internet, but that slight difference in viewpoint changes things quite drastically. Then again, what kind of world would we be in if "just Google it" wasn't an acceptable response to stupid questions.

I guess that is common to believe a fan "could play the part" better, but the question is how the guys perspective didn't get altered. One undeniable thing is fame creates a huge change in perspective. The faster the rise to fame, the larger the effect. For someone like him stealing the fame of not just 1, but 3 famous avatars, the effect should have been enormous. Even if he can survive this intense pressure with the quick change to fame, to be able to push the character to further fame requires new thought, not regurgitating what was always said. Otherwise, all the followers wouldn't be following. It is new ideas, new direction, and charisma that really draw people to these avatars; Something to "look up to". If nothing original comes, they will slowly lose their fame. They follow because of the innovative new thought, not just the basic idea that they understand too.

Nothing like a low tech way to stop hacking. Short out the hologram system and you render the hacking ineffective. The question is did it have to be so dramatic? They could have used other methods to set off the fire alarms. I guess I can't complain too much, nothing like dramatics to spice things up. Still, you would assume with such strong detective skills, it was obvious that person alone wouldn't have been able to commit such large crimes. They seemed to just shoot him on the spot before even trying to get more information out of him.

I guess they will leave us hanging about this for at least a few episodes. This flashback will probably be pretty critical for the overall show. They will probably even be able to solve the "unsolvable" case that they failed the first time. I still feel there is no greater goal for the cast to be moving towards with pretty much self contained stories every episode so far. With some better direction and some faster pacing, I think I could enjoy this show more. My short attention span is kic..