Psycho Pass 04 - Internet 5.0

It took long enough, but enter the evil organization! The previous episodes felt a bit vague a direction to just be hunting small time criminals. It was about time organized groups being pegged as bad people showed up. A direction for our main characters to move as they slowly learn more flaws of the world. Still another overall slow episode as we are into episode 4 and still busy establishing more of the setting with no clear goal for our main character.

This kind of slow down is exactly what I am talking about. Do they really have to spend the whole first half of this episode contemplating her inner dilemma? It is quite clear from episode one that this was an issue, why are we on episode 4 and still talking about the exact same thing with no progress? I guess my short attention span needs the plot to move at a reasonable pace or I can't handle it. Part of the reason I can't watch almost any slice of life anime.

I wonder why they made a jab like this? Maybe by talking about the demograph most likely to buy, they can increase their sales! It seems almost any series that talks about this sells well. I am kind of interested in their explanation on their take on internet 5.0. It seems to function in the same way with internet idols and mass proxy spamming. Though I strongly doubt by period in the future, they will have failed to bring "law" to the internet. It is only a matter of time before they will successfully crack down and the ISPs and domain hosts crumble giving out all the personal data out.

I guess they think that if they include an "action" scene, it will suddenly not be a boring episode. I am kind of surprised that a "gathering" with a large number of "regular" people could be all target-able by the magic dominator gun. With such an overbearing and powerful system in place, you would think it would be nearly impossible to hide unless you were affiliated with a "gang" or whatever they call it in the future. Like they mentioned earlier, just stepping outside, and they can track everything. Quite hard to do your groceries when you get flagged instantly.

So quite clearly by mentioning she was in Akane's classes is how they will track her down. This is a slight double edged sword as Akane might try to contact her in game exposing herself first. I guess we will see how this goes, but I am sure this evil organization is where we are moving. This might be linked to the first scenes of the show with the "final boss" like character. We will see I guess, I really hope things start to move more quickly, I predict the old detective guy will be the first to die. He is just way to helpful for his own good...