Psycho Pass 03 - The Eyes of a Hunter

Another week of Psycho Pass and still no real indication of a direction this show is heading. I think the assumption was that something big would go down this week with what happened to Mami. I guess they are taking this a bit slower being 2 cour rather then being rushed with 1 cour. Still, I feel the pacing is quite slow, hopefully things will pick up soon.

I mean, if they talk about the Sibyl system any less, I might not get the clue this whole anime will be about taking it down! They have been throwing it around as a side thing for the last 2 episodes, but they really tossed it in your face this episode. From saying a person was picked by Sibyl to be bullied, to picking manager that allows it. They are really making sure you know the bounds of the systems as well as how "bad" it is. I still think in the perfect world, this system would work.

Technically, Sibyl picked the wrong person to be "bullied" if he is going around killing. If the system was perfect, the person wouldn't give a fuck and just walk away like it was nothing. Clearly if this guy cares, he shouldn't be in this position. Just as the manager should be able to see this perfectly and moved him to another district already to stop the bullying to stop the killing. Afterall, any sort of death is much worse for productivity then rearranging staff. Just small cracks I noticed that the problem isn't the system itself, but Sibyl's inability to perfectly pick candidates. We will see how this all plays out, probably going to blame the overall system instead of the imperfect Sibyl system that should be "upgraded" with better selection ability.

A random note about his comment. Though it is true that following in others examples is sometimes better then walking into the brick wall yourself, but that is under the assumption you are "normal". If you truly believe you are smarter, faster, better then history, you would challenge it. Afterall, you are armed with even more knowledge then they had in the past, surely you can do better then what they did. Someone that really excels will look to challenge everything instead of mindlessly following others. A testament to their own ability in whatever they do.

So that was a nice twist to the end of the episode. So I guess they are implying he will be a anti-hero. Everyone knows how loved anti-heroes are; I mean they are dark and edgy, what is not to love! So the question is if he will see the light, or will he continue down this path doing the dirty work our heroine would never be able to. An idealist armed with hunting dog, what a dynamic duo. I would say they would be so good together they might even take down da system!