Psycho Pass 02 - A Closed System

A slow second episode for Psycho Pass. I guess 2 cour means things will be moving a bit slower then expected. They touched on a few key issues in one episode, I guess they will all be main issues in the coming episodes as they examine the flaws of the society they live. Though it probably won't happen, I would prefer if everything makes a full circle in the end for Akane to realize the system they have is for the best; Very highly unlikely as people these days like to over rate freedom.

I would like to take a second to point out their indirect exposure to the world they live in. I think they are moving quite far in the future as these things aren't even in a theoretical stage for implementation. At least the psycho meter is theoretically possible. I mean, how would they possible project clothes to change so drastically. I first thought she was just trying out outfits to put on later until she changed clothes out side the police headquarters. You would need some material that could change in shape and size yet still be light enough to float around like normal cloth. Oh ya, not to mention it has to project new colours with a click of a button.

I guess this was suppose to be the climax of the episode. Randomly toss in a criminal chase to showcase how "experienced" the old guy is. I have a feeling before the end, he will die. Mentor-ish characters never last long. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. They quickly touch on the subject if arresting someone that has not committed a crime even just? Though they did not dabble long, it is clear this will be the main issue throughout this show.

They tackle the second issue more "head on". With pre-determined lives, you can clearly see how Shuusei Kagari despises the system greatly. The idea that Akane even had a choice in what she wanted is quite a big deal to everyone else that never even had a chance to have worries like hers. This is a pretty common theme, if having our lives pre-determined is really for the better for everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, freedom is a pretty core principal these days, so I can't see this system surviving this anime. I still would like to have this system win once, think of the productivity increase!