Hyouka 04: Mystery complete... I think

Yet another great episode I must say. Now I know I’m repeating myself in each episode but you can’t deny the amount of effort put into this series. Just from a design perspective one will notice an undivided attention to the smallest detail of the surroundings, backgrounds and props of the characters.

But what about its story? Well in this episode we are introduced to a fairly new way of mystery solving. It’s not the usual gathering of information then at one point solving the mystery. Here each character presents their research, theory, and summary. Then we have Oreki putting them all together from a simple bathroom break. This series really does well to make perfect a simple story line and plot.

Also by the end of the episode you may have felt like the mystery was solved all too quickly and wasn’t over. Well as the preview scenes suggest, this seems to be part of plan as it looks as though there is still something missing. IMO, I’m quite glad they did this as I hoped that each arc would be longer and open more doors to more complex mysteries or a bigger mystery.

At this point I’m finding it quite irritating that they do a little too much to show Oreki’s laziness. I guess the director is exemplifying and making his laziness irritating to the viewers for reasons that would create another story arc later on but it’s too early to tell.

On another note, on the 2nd scene at the beginning of the episode we have Oreki and Fukube talking. And at one point they get into a serious conversation about what Fukube calls “a colourful business”. Heads up to all cause this is clearly a foreshadowing to his story arc. What his arc is about? Well it’s too early to say but going by how awesome the series has been so far, I’m sure it’s gonna be something good.

Btw, for those who care, sorry for the late post. A new season also means  a new semester for me and I’m still adjusting the new schedules I’ve got.