Eureka Seven AO 05-06: All downhill...

Notice the wrong spelling of Summary... 

Okay so the 5th episode was very confusing and not really quite clear with its objective. The only thing I got out of the episode was the fact that it was more of an interlude or an intro into the actual arc. Though the episodes objectives were clearer after watching the 6th instalment I’d wish they made this intro episode with a bit more though into how it blended with the series as a whole and more importantly how the viewers would react to it.

Though episode 5 left much to be desired, episode 6 was a disappointment. The biggest fault of the episode was its failure to convey the seriousness and weight that it wanted to create. Episode 5 introduced Bruno, who apparently is supposed to be someone who we, the viewers, were supposed to get attached to so we could later feel the gravity on his sacrifice. They clearly are trying to get that same feel with the first series where death and gore were part of the world.

And that’s where they fail. As a whole the series looks too brightly coloured with a lacking sense of seriousness in the actions and personalities of its characters, this gives the series a very different feel of theme. Another thing was that they crammed too many things into the episode making Bruno’s death feel forced. Oh and when I said “crammed too many things”, I meant the plot was too short for us to feel any real impact or even see the seriousness of the series.

Now they introduce an actual enemy who doesn’t even seem to have any connection with the mini arc with Bruno. I don’t even see the purpose of this mini arc; the entire series might as well have done better without it! In the end, these two episodes have made the series go downhill due to the lack of any thought to what the crap is the purpose of anything or even the theme they wanted to use.