Tsuritama 01 - First Impressions

I didn't really know what to expect from this show, because I didn't read up on it prior to watching it, but being one half of the noitaminA time block this season, I had to try it. Overall, it was a fairly enjoyable first episode. It looks to be a fun and interesting watch in the future episodes.

The first thing I should comment is on is the art. Though by no means does this show have perfect quality drawings, the color palette used is nothing short of amazing. Literally everything sticks out. Even when I know I'm supposed to be paying attention to the characters on the screen, stuff in the background just pops out at me. I'm loving it so far. There were times that voice acting and animation seemed way off but I guess it's passable because the colors really make up for it.

A lot of anime seem to be moving towards the trend of having four main characters, be it all boys, or all girls. Saying that this cast is interesting really is an understatement. The main character, Yuki, has his angry face panic attack thing going on. We have a fishing champion that seems to have a nonchalant facade. There's also a guy with a turban and a duck voiced by Sugita that has yet to be thoroughly introduced. And by far the most interesting character is Haru, the self-proclaimed alien with a brain washing water gun. I had no idea Irino Miyu was capable of making such a voice. Bravo.

Looks like the plot can be summed up as follows: a group of weird boys doing a little fishing here, and a little saving the world there. In all seriousness, I don't really know what to expect. The show feels wacky, yet it is really lively and upbeat. If it fails to be too interesting, I think the art alone would be enough to keep me watching this show.