Koreha S2 02 - Dai-Sensei is Back

I am reminded how much I love this show. I was also reminded how much I hated doing the post for this every week too. With an anime based highly on humour, it is hard to talk about without ruining all the jokes. On the other note, I do worry they will take the show in the dreaded storyline path and butcher it again. Life sure is difficult.

This was an extremely nice twist. The better question is how they have magazines out already? The world sure moves faster on the other side of the world! That is still one crazy fashion trend to start, his main worry was everyone hating him; Talk about easy way to fame. I wish to one day be a trend setter like that, his harem powers just extended much further now.

Who is this fairy!?!?? Why must they keep her in secret like this? The mystery surrounding her is just killing me. I want her to join the core team of harem rather then sitting on the sidelines drinking all day. Her drills are just so mesmerizing!

Oh god Sera, you bring a totally different level to tsundere. I am not even sure if you can call that tsundere. I mean traditional tsundere's act cold to them, but she clearly states her love; Even if it is in a much different form then the norm. I love the characters in this show, they deconstruction the genre of everything!

Haruna bear hug? Leave it to Koreha to turn everything around. The second they mentioned there might be bears, I knew one would show up. The real question is, why did they said the only male character to check up on Haruna going to the washroom? I was expecting a more ecchi moment coming from this. The meteor shower at the end was a nice touch.

My favourite character finally makes her appearance. It looks like she is the villain, I am not sure what to think about that. Either way, I hope she gets more screen time then last season. My favourite moment from this season so far is the random moments with Eu at the end of every episode. I would be content with just those few minutes to continue watching for the rest of the season. On a side note: this post was quite late, not sure if I will continue this show due to bad timing in the week for me D: I'll see.