Shining Hearts 01: First Impressions

Shining Hearts, I’m sure a lot of people are drawn to this series for its character artist; the famous Tony Taka. I personally fell in love with his works after playing Shining Tears. Later I found out that he also excels ‘adult’ artworks.

First episode and I’m pretty sure that its impressions to some are either hanging in the air or not so very good. It has this slice-of-life thing going on throughout the episode and considering the fact the anime was an adaption of an RPG game for the PSP, I personally was expecting something more action packed. However, whether they go slice-of-life or an action or whatever genre, it’s not really something that bothers me. Besides a slice-of-life genre on a fantasy setting is a nice change of pace, I mean we always get action coupled with fantasy.

This episode seems to be more of an introduction piece like most other series. Take a look at “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai,” its first episode was epic and very eye catching but later on it just turned out to be a cliché harem love comedy. Hopefully this has a lot more in store, though I wouldn’t expect any high end action gig. From the little info I got from the game I’d say it’s something like the series “Shukufuku no Canpanella” but with a deeper story and more action.

On the side note, the series seems to have this jolly elf character, Rana. I don’t know if she’s in the actual game but her appearance is just too suspiciously similar to that of Elwyn from another RPG game “Shining Tears”. Really I don’t know what to think of this but it just confused me.

Besides Rana, our Hero, Elwood Rick, is seems to be one of the more reliable heroes. It is also hinted that he is hiding something. Personally I like the reliable hero type, though I would like to see a more diverse personality from him. We also have the three “not-so-sisters-but-they-act-like-they-are” characters, Ardet Airy, Filiam Neris, and Manaflare Emil. They don’t seem to have anything behind them much less a character type to differentiate them. Quite disappointing considering they are the main heroines, well they seem to be the main heroines. I just hope a better female character pops out to be the proper Heroine instead of the three.

Overall, this is a series I look forward to despite its differing approach to the audience. This is mostly cause I personally like almost anything with a fantasy setting.

"I'm Cute Eh?"