Sankarea 2 - Death

Secrets hidden behind smiles; this was the theme surrounding Sankarea this week, and I have a feeling this will continue throughout it's season.

We had a very heavy Rea episode, which is surprising since were only 2 episodes in. We learned a lot about Rea's issues at home with her abnormal family and saw the skeletons in her closet. Rea is like a caged bird, her father wants no one touching her, and her mother is as cold as ice towards her. Rea isn't allowed any friends and ends up being locked away after being found out by her father for sneaking off to meet with Chihiro. 

Rea has already developed  a solid reasoning for wanting to meet with Chihiro, she claims she wants to be "reborn" as a zombie and live a normal life away from her messed up family. Rea is definitely reaching her limit, and i'm sure well see Chihiro reach out and save her at some point, whether it be through a knight in shining armor approach, or turning her into a zombie. 

It will be very interesting to see what the next episode holds, judging by the preview, it might be an end to Rea's father in some way after seeing that cliff scene. I am also highly interested to see the effects of the potion and whether or not we will see our first zombie next week.