Sankarea 4 - Reborn

Last week's ending to Sankarea was very impressive. Rea was able to break free from her father and Chihiro gets his zombie he always wanted.

Sankarea episode 4 starts off with a creative sequence through her father's perspective. This scene was amazing, using a contrast of shadow and light for life and death, signifying a new beginning for Rea as she walks away from the shadow her father once cast over her existence. The falling photos of Rea over the awestruck father was a nice way to show his emotions. I was half expecting Rea's father to wake up from his obsession with his daughter and show some love to his wife, but surprisingly Rea's mother had a use for Rea, which explains why she never really confronted the father about his obsession.

After speculating about Rea becoming a zombie, I pondered where the show would go, thinking it would turn into a slice of life type between Chihiro and Rea. Instead, Sankarea has a few tricks up its sleeve, the Mother's determination to get her daughter back, as well as how Chihiro will deal with a rotting corpse will provide some internal and external conflict.

It's pretty obvious that in order to "cure" Rea's rotting corpse Chihiro will simply have to feed her hydrangea, since it was blatantly obvious when Babu starting eating them as soon as he became a zombie and had his eyes return to normal.

Chihiro gets his zombie that he has always wanted, and it seems he was confused to the actual turn out of Rea's condition. Rea is no different from when she was alive, the only difference is that she feels no pain, and is rotting away, her personality is all there. I'm sure Chihiro's promise to Rea will bring the two closer together, creating something I have not seen in any other anime. I will end this post with another question. If Chihiro and Rea were to marry, what would the priest at the ceremony say? Surely he wouldn't say "until death do you part" seeing how death brought them together.