Gundam Age 27 - Arc End?

I am not sure if this marks the end of this arc or not. You would think everything is over now that the fortress has fallen but the preview minutes make it seem like they aren't done battling it out. I mean you even had that reunion scene too. Btw, post delayed again due to Sword Girls. I am currently #1 in ladder for a 1k cash prize with a small lead on my competition. Tomorrow is the final day so all my attention is there.

I mentioned this last week, funny how the base has absolutely zero defense. Why would you ever aim to destroy it other then a tactical hit and run to cripple supply lines? Being undefended, that probably isn't even a hard task. What I didn't get was the harm in letting the Vegen fortress connect, worse case, they could have destroyed Nortrum taking the fortress with it.

Oh man, what a curve ball. We all knew their love would never be, didn't see her dying over the guy though. The death flags were obvious for quite some time that I would be shocked if both of them lived. Still, that guy is constantly in the line of fire while being pretty nub, and survived. She goes out for one second and dies. At least those elite X rounders was finally able to kill someone of note, even if it was a defenseless girl.

It ended up being the nice reunion between the 2 of them. They mindless fought all episode, I guess neither of them were angry enough to be able to kill the other person. After all, only after scream loudly in a super raged mode can any semi important character die. They shared a friendship/duty relationship, much like Kira and Athrun. I am guessing by the end of the anime, they will join sides, friends just don't kill each other!

So I guess I was wrong, Flint doesn't die this arc. I guess being one of the best X-rounders counts for something. Even with an outdated machine, he still fights at top tier, he should have just used AGE-2 and single handedly won. I mean if Asemu can keep up with the a top X-rounder by having a superior gundam, giving it to a real pro would just be broken. On a side note, that fortress had no weapons defend with? What is with these giant bases with zero defense? It is like they want to lose them.

So Zeheart and Asemu failed to commit suicide together, I am not sure if this arc will continue on Earth now. I would think the arc would end with their fortress destroyed and the Vegens in hiding. The preview makes it looks like the battles will continue on Earth though. I mean from an episode standpoint, the arc should be ending now. 14 episodes per arc would leave a bit longer final arc so things can "come together". I guess we will see next week!