Symphogear 12 - Resurrection

Oh god, I guess I am the only that couldn't stop laughing at this line. So they drew things out this episode to make way for one final battle. One thing that was clearly noticable this episode was the budget. The whole battle and most the small details were done well this episode, their was more budget put in this one episode then probably the rest of the season. So my predictions from last week seem to be pretty spot on so far.

It has been quite some time since we saw Beserker Hibiki, I totally forgot about her. It was nice to see her back in action. At least the power of hugs saved Hibiki. I wonder how Tsubasa was barely injured from that attack, the wound seemed very shallow. For I second I thought Tsubasa would let Hibiki kill her so she would focus her attention of Fine again; That would have been an insane turn of events. As predicted though, Tsubasa was going to sacrifice herself, such is her fate.

The seconds she said this line, I screamed at my monitor "THROUGH THE POWER OF MUSIC!" I can't believe I was right; It is all fun and games until things get real. Then you have Yomi breaking that 4th wall constantly again. You know this episode was mostly filler when she has one of the most lines this episode when she had nearly nothing before. I would also like to mention their pyramid they made to reach the switch was stupid, pick the shortest one to be standing on top let alone that room design. Who the hell designs a room like that D:

I don't think it was mentioned last week what the curse Balal was, regardless more background information was given this episode. So Fine pursuing her lover, God, is her ultimate goal. Talk about trying to give her some redemption for this show. She is bound to lose, the question is will she (and us) be able to meet her lover before the end?

My predictions were pretty spot on. Chris and Tsubasa are back, so are the wings Hibiki's weapon? All we are missing now is Hibiki unleashing her Swan Song. I am looking forward to getting a better look at Chris and Tsubasa's new armor. At least the animation quality is finally looking good, that was huge for me. One last episode to risten to her song.