Mashiro-Iro Symphony 09 - Lonely Mothers Need Comfort Too!

So a heavy Miu-centric episode, how can you not love her? I am still ecstatic that the best girl is going to be picked for this anime. Inb4 last second route swap, I mean they still have a good 3 more episodes for another girl to step in and ruin everything. I mean Sana and Airi both have enough punch left in them to ruin this anime.

She has been friendzoned so hard. The main character rubs it in so hard that she has lost, he full deserves getting kicked. I mean, even she didn't like him, he is still being an ass. He knows she likes Miu and bragging about all the time hes spending with Miu in front of her. Funny enough, she is always one step behind. I do feel bad for her but Miu still superior.

The mother swooping in to steal her daughter's boyfriend; They love this recurring theme. Nothing like a bit of fanservice and another harem addition. Not like you see a father in the mix of this, a lonely wife that needs comfort! At least she admits that she was testing him and just playing around to test Miu too. What an evil scheme for a mother.

Nothing like convenient bands of light. For a VN adaptation, we only had 2 band of light scenes, that is pretty low. This is scene happened nothing like all those other anime. The girl has to randomly attack the main character after a scene like that, not go for a walk! At least I called out Miu being the best girl from the beginning, I am happy she is going to get picked.

Those kitttens! Look at Sana settling for a consellation prize already. I love how she constantly indirectly confesses hoping the main character would get the hint. Too bad she has bee friend zoned so much that there is zero chance he would notice. Tack that onto the average main character being extra clueless leaves below zero chances of him noticing; If that is possible.

Am I the only one that took her saying that line as rape time? So only three episodes remain now. Hopefully it is just enough time for Miu and main character to build a strong relationship and not have the rest of the girls ruin it. Still, Airi randomly becoming a background character still has potential and Sana clearly has a large portion of screen time still. They could still turn it around in a bad way! This anime is turning out much better then expected!