Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - 05 - Invitation from a Nightmare

I want to turn this into a meme.
This week's episode was, in my opinion, the best so far. We finally see the POG as a real threat with their dangerous puzzles and rather sick joke they play on Kaito, forcing him to recall the incident with his past. All the previous episodes at this point appear as introductions to the characters, and now it looks like the actual plot and battle between Kaito and Rook is about to begin.

More mention of the Phi Brain, I almost forgot about it, mainly since we still have no idea what it is. The Divine Puzzle appears to be the ultimate puzzle, perhaps the Phi Brain could be the reward of such a puzzle. After a surprise visit from one of the top members of the POG, Bishop invites Kaito and co. to meet with the head of POG and ask whatever questions they have. It seems this is a pretty ahrmless situation, so there has to be a catch.

Surprisingly enough, Jikugawa and the principle had nothing to do with the events of this episode, which I acknowledged as a step towards the real story of Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle, since we have enough knowledge of our characters to proceed. I still think that Jikugawa was Minotaur from the first puzzle, since we have seen the end result for each Giver so far besides him.

Oh Gammon, no matter how hard you try, you will always be a side character. The episode was full of Gammon trying to get Nonoha's attention, except he was ignored and forever shall be, since Nonoha was already baking cookies for Kaito back when they were little. I was happy with the amount of side humor from Gammon, we didn't enough of him in the last episode and he is growing on me as quite the amusing guy.
Those spotlights don't make up for it's lack of presentation.
We actually get to see the Divine Puzzle, well, actually we get to see a box with the words "Puzzle of God" on it, which didn't appear very secretive or all that special. It was almost as if the POG didn't know where to put the hyped-up puzzle, and decided to just leave it out in the open in their base.

Who relaxes with puzzles? 
I would demand something more extravagant than some puzzles to help me relax. Carrying on, We find out that not only did Kaito study at some geniuses only school in England, but the principle at his current school is his legal guardian! As the first two puzzles appear to be the same ones Kaito solved back in England, Gammon puts his skills to the test to hopefully win the praise of the POG, but also to impress Nonoha.

At this point I already knew a trap was imminent, judging by Kaito's expression and Rook's use of puzzles. Kaito appears to be confused as to why these exact puzzles from England are here, as this would lead to a traumatic breakdown from Kaito. I was very close to yelling at my T.V. that it was Rook from Kaito's past who was behind this, of course that would only make me look stupid and raise questions about me.
Kaito's breakdown was pretty serious.
When they introduced the final puzzle, Kaito has a flashback of his parents attempting the exact same puzzle, only to fall and perish. Kaito has a breakdown at the sudden recollection of his parent's death, blaming himself for not realizing it was a puzzle soon enough. Luckily, Gammon and Nonoha are able to survive the sudden death trap while Kaito's true feelings emerge about hating puzzles. There was mention of this in the last episode with Ana pointing out his inner hate for puzzles. We get to see a side of Kaito that is very much human, his true feelings for puzzles are revealed which explains his desire to solve the murderous puzzles that also took his parents' lives. Unfortunately for Kaito, the mental shock of this puzzle forces Rook to cancel their meeting. Kaito suddenly looses all desire to solve puzzles as he is taken back to the school.
Wow, this was a very powerful ending, Kaito's breakdown shows a much more personal side to him than his tough genius exterior.
This was a great episode that showed us more of Kaito's character and past. All this ties in nicely with Rook, although I still feel like we need a better introduction to him with all his screen time. Gammon amuses me quite a lot and I was happy with his abundant screen time. I was pleased to see the principle, and Jikugawa's reaction to the POG, showing us that they might not be a part of the POG as I had initially thought. I look forward to Phi Brain from now on is it will most likely develop the relationship between Rook and Kaito, as well as some side story events for the other characters to gain some screen time with possible Nonoha relationship. The next episode looks to build from these events. Kaito's resolution and help from Orpheus will no doubt break him out of his mental bind, to probably save his friends from a deadly puzzle.