Mirai Nikki Ep04 - Handwritten Input

Why does she cover her right eye?
This episode was much better than last week, an intro to two new diary holders was a nice way to shift the attention from Yuno and Yukkii. I was quite happy with the progression of the story, as Yukki, Yuno, Kurusu, Uryuu, and the other 2 diary holders all received some screen time. There was a healthy balance of mindless murder, psycho Yuno, and crazy new characters, all wrapped up with a good amount of info for each scene. The majority of the episode was mainly focused on the newest diary holder, Tsubaki Kasugano, with more insight to the crazy manipulative Twelfth.

I doubt it since she's too busy stalking you.
A great intro to the episode as Yukki renews his distrust towards Yuno, while we renew our love for the return of the psycho yandere. The episode continues from last week with Yukki curled up in his bed, too afraid to sleep, with images of the dead bodies in his head, along with Yuno stalking him. Yukkii is really in a bad situation with the Yukiteru Love diary telling Yuno of every single thing Yukki does, or how he acts. I've come to realize that if Yukki managed  to piss off Yuno in anyway, he would be pretty screwed.

Harem full of psychos? Sign me up! 
Following Kurusu's investigative diary entries, the trio discover Uryuu's location and begin to investigate. The episode is entirely located at the Sacred Eye cult's property, where Uryuu is being held. It was a bit tense learning that the Sacred Eye herself, Tsubaki was a fellow diary holder with the trio just walking right into her lair. Thankfully, Tsubaki has no interest in killing off the other members, although she could have easily done away with Yukkii and co. using her many followers. Tsubaki seems to have a special interest in Yukkii, but she quickly judges Yuno to be a threat, and even warns Yukkii about Yuno leading him to his death. I smell an awkward harem beginning, with some pretty murderous intentions.
Best moment in the episode when Yukkii tells off Yuno.
Tsubaki's diary is the Clairvoyance diary, allowing her to prohpesize about future distant events, giving her the greatest range at which her diary foresees, even trumping Uryuu's escape diary. The diary however has a great weakness, in which internal sabotage renders it useless if her followers can be controlled. Leading over to our new crazy diary holder, Twelth, it seems he is able to control people with hypnosis, he is also super cool, as you can see below.
I wish I was that cool
Twelfth seems obsessed with some sort of rock-paper-scissors logic behind the diaries, however as Uryuu points out at the end of the episode, you can't tell what Yuno will do to foil your brilliant plans.

While Yukki appears as the center of attention for all the diary holders, Yuno is definitely the most troublesome and strongest with her obsession of Yukkii. Yukki may have his moments of intellect and determination from time to time, but Yuno is the one keeping him alive, and helping him deal with the survival game. The episode was a great lead into what will hopefully be an even greater episode next time. It seems like this episode was determined to be an info dump, however it was woven into the personal issues of Yuno and Yukki with plenty of action so it didn't seem like an info dump at all. The show is shaping up nicely with a range of interesting characters who all seem to have a different end goal for the survival game, and different uses for Yukkii. I'm not all that interested in what each diary holder wants in the end, rather, I am more interested in what each diary holder wants to do with Yukkii.