Penguindrum 19 - Loli Himari Returns!

Pretty late with this post due to me being overworked and tired. It was yet another cliff hanger end with no foreshadowing. I am less angry about this one because it wasn't a full character change like the other one; Just a random out of the blue thing to "shock" the audience. I was sure as hell shocked and left craving more but I can't help but feel it is more plot devices thrown in to keep things edgy.

I wasn't expecting direct contact like that, I guess the teacher was right. He had a pretty good  poker face to let the teacher go that far with Himari. He was pretty adament all season about how important Himari was to him, but when the push came to shove, he chose his parents over Himari. That is probably why he still gets money and his parents are proud. I just wonder how the parents find so much money to give him.

This is what you call the calm before the storm. A short piece just to relax again that isn't a full episode long like every other anime. It was nice to see them all at home and at peace again. The sweaters were obviously for them based on the colour when she was knitting. Ringo has been tamed down quite a bit, if only she went crazy stalker mode on Shouma, I'd have more fun with this calm. Still wishing Double H would get real lines.

I just find it funny how oblivious Shouma was to what was going on. Hating his parents even though it is the only reason they are able to live the way they do. Delusions that no one is holding his hand through all this. I almost pity his ignorance throughout this whole anime and how useless he is. He has yet to really do anything at all other then somehow woo Ringo.

Finally the core issue comes to light. The reason why the red head has come to visit and try to get her Kanba back. My question was why her aim suddenly became shit as she started chasing. Also, where did all those rolling balls come from? Who the hell ships a billion rolling balls on one tiny truck? The second they showed that spinning fan on the wall, I knew what was coming next though!

Although it was obvious the child broiler would make a return, I didn't see that next twist at all! So another love triangle appears, they are really emphasizing all these twisting in relationships in this show. I wonder what will happen now that Himari has regained this memory, it is hard for me to pick if I like Ringo or Himari more. One thing that I do think is that Shouma will turn out to be someone special, like Momo. My guess is he has godly powers too and shielded by the parents, maybe even the god the pink haired doctor wants to defeat.

It was an intriguing episode regardless. I am interested in how all this plays out. I think the parents will turn out to be saviors and redeemed by the end of this show. It will be portrayed that Momo's twists in fate was leading the world down an ugly path in the future and needed to be stopped. The pink hair guy knows that and wants this path to stay the same but needed the book to be destroyed so it can't be altered back. Just my theories at least, we will see. At least I am sure that Penguindrum will always be full of surprises, for better or worse.