Mirai Nikki Ep06 - Vibration Mode

OK Yuno......Wait....What?
The popular trend with most teenage characters is that they lack responsible parents. The parents are either dead, missing, or work away from home and don't bother showing up to support their children. Mirai Nikki at least presents Yukkii's mother as a character with quite the opposite personality of her son. She is a programmer and doesn't come home all that often. The fact that she is missing in his life is well portrayed through Yukkii's character, he isn't use to facing problems head on, and lacks any motivation or support to involve himself. Since he is use to being alone, he deprives himself of any real friends, and when faced with a challenge or having to work with others, he doesn't know what to do, and ends up relying on Yuno and Kurusu.

I can't help but find humor in Yukki's situation.
The whole episode revolves around an uncomfortable (yet humorous) situation of Yukki having his mother meet his stalker Yuno, in a slice of life comedy style. It was refreshing to have a brief change in the air, in this dark and disturbing world Yukkii has plunged into unwillingly. I was initially a bit worried that the episode would be slow-paced and boring like episode 3. The show was actually a good break from all the recent action, while stirring up new trouble, with some darker, psychotic intentions from Yuno and the parent-less child Rei.

Would have been much easier to just introduce Yuno to her from the get-go there Yukki.
How would you explain to your mother that you have a stalker, and that you are both involved in a "battle royal" style game to become the next god of time and space? The answer: you don't. Introducing Yukkii's mother was a nice touch to show how alone Yukki is in the game. Yukki really has no one he can fully trust, he can't even tell his own mother or ask her for help.

It's all in the eyes.
We see two very extreme sides of Yuno this time around in a high contrast of here emotions and thoughts. Initially, and for the most part, we have cute Yuno trying to make a good impression on Yukkii's mother. Yuno even shows proof to Yukki that they will be together and fall in love with each other on the 28th of July, predicted by Yuno's diary. If there's one thing you can count on in this show, it's that you can never let your guard down after any happy moments. The main disturbing scene follows soon after Yuno proclaims her love for Yukki. After such a warm and cute scene, the music dies down, and a sudden jolt of music is played followed by a tilt of the camera across Yuno's wide awake psychotic eyes. We hear Yuno's thoughts on how nice Yukki's mother was to let her stay, and that she didn't need to use her "tools", which appear to be a bag of sharp objects. I think it's safe to say that Yuno was going to stay the night regardless of whether or not the mother allowed it.

It was interesting to see Deus get some screen time, albeit it was minimal, of course it was only to inform us that his body is rotting and will probably perish, giving him a motive for starting this game and wanting a replacement. It seems there is a dark story hidden in Yuno's past about her family, quite possibly the bodies hidden in her house might be that of her own parents. On a brighter note, it seems Yukki is slowly falling for her, with a few thoughts here and there of Yukki being with Yuno.

The episode ends with an introduction to Rei, the little boy who lost his parents to Yunos killing rampage at the Cult incident from last week's episode. Yukkii's mother is taking care of him for the next three days that she is in town for, as it turns out, Rei is a Diary holder, with an adorable picture book diary. He makes a brief attempt to attack Yuno, but is foiled, it will be interesting and exciting to find out what happens next episode.