Mirai Nikki Ep07 - Dial Tone

The Elite wannabe
Well I was hoping for much more action this episode, but I guess that IS a little hard to do when you'r fighting a child. Overall it was a decent episode, a little below my expectations, but still a worthy watch, marking the end of the newest diary holder.

If you haven't noticed, but have always wondered why the diary holders target Yuno, It's because Yukkii is almost untouchable. Yukkii's diary allows him to predict anything that happens around him in very short intervals, while Yuno's diary foretells anything that happens to Yukkii in ten minute intervals. This OP combination makes it very hard to get to Yukkii without getting rid of Yuno first.

At least kill the brat someplace other than while he's sleeping next to Yukkii's mother.
There were a few issues here and there with how Rei was able to go about doing the things he did in the episode. A few questions popped into mind while watching. Does anyone know how a kindergarten kid manages to not only tie up an adult, drag her out of bed, and move her from the upstairs bedroom to outside? How he is able to reach the ceiling and use all that tape to block the glass windows and sliding doors? My biggest question here; how is this mere child able to come up with such a brilliant trap to poison Yukkii?

Imagine waking up, and looking out your window to see this staring at you. 
Lets take at Yuno's foresight ability. I'm not entirely sure on how she did it, but if I had to guess then I suppose she called upon her mental powers to search through time and space within close proximity. That's my guess at least, there was no explanation for what she was doing and how she could tell a package was about to arrive.

The episode hit its high note during the climax between Rei and Yuno. It was pretty awesome to see Yukkii fight off the poison and give Yuno a second wind to put an end to Rei. I really enjoy Yukkii's brief moments where he shines like a hero, he fits his character very well and only resorts to desperate measures upon desperate times. Yuno on the other hand, prefers to end things as swiftly as possible, it's a good thing Yukkii has some control over Yuno, otherwise she would have probably killed Rei when he was playing video games with Yukkii's mother. You can always count on the show to give us some nice brutal scenes, I'm very happy with the amount of dark content than I previously anticipated, with the very tame first episode of the show.

I wonder how they will explain Rei's death to Yukkii's mom, and since Kurusu (Fourth) was able to see Rei's death with his investigative diary, he leaked the info to Uryuu (Ninth), although I have no idea what kind of pact they are making. It will be very interesting to see what Fourth is up to by working with Ninth, and whether next episode will have more relationship progress or more, disturbing secrets and horrible deaths, I'm hoping for both.