Mashiro-Iro Symphony 07 - More Tsundere Red Head

So the wars between the girls continue with the main character oblivious to it all; Same as always. An episode dedicated to the final girl that has not accepted our main character yet. I think they are going to push her pretty far since her problem was still not resolved in one episode. I still hate that red hair badly, it doesn't help that she gets episodes based on her when other still haven't, like purple hair senpai.

This was CRUSHING. I was so happy that they would have a chance together but then the red head strikes! From nowhere, she appears to ruins all my dreams of more screen time with our purple haired senpai. She pretty much just sits around acting like a  bitch all day for no real reason. I still feel she gets such unnecessary large amount of screen time. They just like to promote the tsunderes too much in this show.

That's new, how much more obvious can you get?

You have a full three other girls that aren't tsunderes they can focus on. I didn't particularly like the maid episode, but it was still miles better then the mass spam of tsunderes. Next thing you know, the red head will be cured and the next girl will randomly go super tsundere mode to continue the chain. It is clear the red head is already starting to fall for the main character with her massive amount of closeup shots of her blushing.

Every girl this episode showed clear signs of liking our main character and he still waltzes around like nothing is happening. That best friend had the right idea, it would be great to be him! The girls even seem to kinda get along. Talk about easy harem creation, most of the time they despise each other as rivals.

Hopefully the ending of the episode signifies that purple hair senpai will get her spotlight next episode. It will probably end up being more trash about the tsundere red head, but I can still hope. The senpai just feels like a background character to give all the characters something to do. She doesn't really do anything herself, just give the main character goals to achieve; A quest giving NPC.